Imperial Aluminum
ISO-9001 Certified
     Imperial Aluminum - Minerva, LLC

Located at 217 Roosevelt Avenue in Minerva, Ohio in an industrial park occupying approximately 11 acres and is classified as a Secondary Aluminum Production Facility under 40 CFR Part 63.1503 “Definitions.”  The facility operates using all aluminum-based scrap from various off-site sources.  The scrap consists mainly of aluminum wheels, off-spec wheels, scrap generated from the wheel manufacturing and die casting operations, dross-based aluminum scrap, aluminum chips, and irony aluminum scrap.  Processing of aluminum scrap includes the segregation of the scrap, removal of oil/water emulsions, melting down, alloying, use of reactive flux, and pouring of the molten aluminum into cones, sows, and ingots.

One-hundred percent of the scrap melted by Imperial Aluminum - Minerva is “tolling of customers scrap” meaning it takes customers scrap and melts it down, recovers the aluminum, and ships it back to the same customers for production of aluminum parts.

Minerva currently utilizes two rotary furnaces, and a reverbratory furnace for processing scrap.  All incoming scrap loads are weighed in, scanned for radiation, and inspected by our receiving personnel for unwanted contaminants.  The material is then processed through our furnaces and then cast into the desired finish product.  This finish product is then warehoused until the customer informs us of the desired ship to location.  Once we have the shipping and packaging information the loads are prepared and eventually loaded onto the customers carrier for delivery to their customer.

Imperial Aluminum-Minerva is  ISO-9001 Certified.

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